Fabled species are special species that are very rare or can only be found in a certain zone. There are currently 6 Fabled species.

Where to FindEdit

Species Where to Find
Aeridini Spring Festival Zone
Lighira Summer Festival Zone
Ryori Fall Festival Zone
Griffi Winter Festival Zone
Nephini Any Festival Zones or Zones in Astryl's Vale (Extremly rare)
Ny'vene Bought from Arena Shop in Etherina

Aeridini Edit

The Aeridini is a Fabled species that appears once every year at the start of spring. Its arrival always marks the beginning of the Sylestian Spring Festival. Aeridinies spend much of their observed time pollinating Sylestia's many different types of flowers. Their diet consists almost exclusively of nectar, making them excellent candidates for pollinating. It is also thought that the Aeridini is a close relative of the Nephini due to their dragonkin ancestry and their similar physical features.

Griffi Edit

Griffies are a mythical species thought to live deep inside of mountain ranges on the highest peaks. However, once every year when the weather first turns cold, they migrate to the snowy grasslands of Viridian Meadows to breed and to gather food for the long upcoming winter. Sylestians often celebrate their beloved Winter Festival to coincide with this time. Griffies are very large creatures with a mix of unique features that greatly improve their ability to survive in various, challenging environments. This makes them ideal pets for Sylesti Trainers.


The Lighira are a very rare species of Sylesti that are only ever found in the wild during a specific time of the summer. During this time period, they can be found all over the kingdom in warm climates. During the remainder of the year, it is not known where they go. Some believe that they hide in deep underground caves while others think they magically teleport to some alternate plane. What is known is that when they do disappear each year, they will not reappear for approximately 50 weeks.

Bizarrely, Lighiras that are tamed remain in Sylestia permanently. It is not known whether they are magically bound to Sylestia or if they simply are loyal to their owners. The Lighiras themselves are a Fabled species.


Nephinies, a very rare and mystical species of Sylesti, are only found in the forests of Astryl's Vale. It is not known how many Nephinies are in the wild or even where they make their nests. Because of this, those who find them in the wild are often considered to be very fortunate. Those who own a Nephini are considered to be a legend.

Nephinies are often called the guardians of the forest. They use their innate magical powers to aid the forest and to keep it healthy. To mess with the forest is to mess with the Nephini. Despite their duty to protect the forest, Nephinies still find plenty of time to play and have fun, especially at an adventurer's expense.


The Ny'vene, a powerful and rare species of Sylestia, are one of the few direct descendants of the ancient Sylestian Dragons. Because of their ancient lineage, Ny'venes have a very powerful bond with the elements. They are also very strong, intelligent, and have a lust for combat; making them ideal for Arena battles. Currently, the only known hatchery of Ny'venes is in Ethernia and they are often awarded to renown Challengers of the Ethernia Arena.


Ryories are mostly incorporeal creatures that only appear during a brief period of time in the fall season. Due to their ghostly manner, it is impossible to determine their actual weight. This feature also allows them to float through the air nearly effortlessly, which can be quite a sight when seen for the first time. It is assumed that the Ryori reside in the Plane of Shadows, but that is just a theory.