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2013 ??? ???
2014 March 14th at 12:30am March 17th at 11:59pm

The Fortune Festival is a reoccurring annual Event.

Fortune Festival OverviewEdit

2014 brought around the creation of the Fortune Festival Overview Page, based on the previous Winter Festival Overview page. This allowed users quick access to the Fortune Fest features during the time.

Features - 2014Edit

Wheel of ShamrockEdit


Try your luck by spinning the Wheel of the Shamrock! You can find [Wheel of the Shamrock Ticket] by exploring the Festival Zone. You can also purchase tickets directly from the Diamond Shop or Holiday Shop.

Prizes include all sorts of goodies, with the best prize being one of six unique, Double or Triple Visible Themed Pets! View the Wheel of the Shamrock link above to see all of the designs.


Upon submitting a ticket to the wheel, whatever item that was won would immediately appear in your inventory but the wheel would spin around until It hit the mark as per visual appeal.

Tickets could be bought from the Holiday Shop, Earned through the Esior's Fields event area by defeating Katriona the Cursed, and found in "Pots of Gold" in the event area.

Possible Payouts:Edit

Lesser Pet Dye
2013 Fortune Festival Avatar Item
Masterful Snare Trap
Enhanced Essence
Shamrock Raffle Ticket
Magical Pie
Regular Essence
2014 Fortune Festival Avatar Item
Jackpot of Gold - The Wheel had a gold number that continuously went up over time.
Lesser Genetic Mutator
Double Visible Fabled Holiday Pet
Triple Visible Fabled Holiday Pet

Shamrock Wheel Page Description

This is the Wheel of Shamrock! Use a [Wheel of Shamrock Ticket] to spin the wheel and test your luck!

Many great prizes await you, including unique Triple Visible Themed Pets! This includes the following species: Ny'vene, Lighira, Nephini, Ryori, Griffi, and Puffadore.


Lightening Struck Ny'vene


Leprechaun Lighira


Midnight Misfortune Nephini


Lucky Scarab Ryori


Golden Clover Griffi


Irish Luck Puffadore

Esior's Fields Fortune Festival ZoneEdit


Fortune Festival 2014 Area Map

This zone is recommended for players using pets of Level 10 and above!

The above will take you to the Festival Zone for the Fortune Festival. Please note, if you are exploring another zone in Astryl's Vale, you will have to exit the zone first. If you are in a battle, you will have to finish your battle first.

While exploring the zone, you will have the opportunity to find Lucky Pots of Gold with a chance for unique rewards. This zone is also the only place to find the wild Themed Pets for the Fortune Festival.

You can also battle Katriona the Cursed, an unlucky and mean Leprechaun who is sure to be holding onto some [Wheel of the Shamrock Ticket] or festive Avatar Items!


Using the Arrow Nagivation system in the more recent Map Exploring system a player could move around the Festival Zone. There is 1 "Named" that can be encountered, Katriona the Cursed.

Lucky Pot Scratchcard Game Edit

Description-The Lucky Pot Scratchcard Game is a game that occurs during the Fortune Festival. It started in the 2016 Fortune Festival and has been a part of the festival ever since. The goal of the game is to scratch off prizes and match 3 like prizes to win that prize. Prizes Vary throughout the years.

Screenshot 2018-03-22 at 8.07.48 PM

The Lucky Pot Game Board

Gameplay- You have to select from either diamonds or gold to purchase the Lucky pot Scratch card. You are then allowed to scratch off 8 of the avaliable prizes per scratch card. You must match up three of the same prize to win that prize. As a bonus, some of the uncovered prizes will roll over to the next game and count towards the required amount of matches for those prizes. It takes either 350 diamonds or 700,000g to play.

Other Features- There are special features within the game helping to even out prizes and such.

Themed Bonus Bar: The most prominent feature of the game is the

Screenshot 2018-03-22 at 8.34.01 PM

Themed Bonus Bar with 1 bar filled in

Themed Bonus Bar. For each game that you play where you do not win a Themed Pet, this bar will fill up. As it fills up, the chances of you winning a Themed Pet increase! Once you win a Themed Pet, the bar resets and you can fill it up again. This not only helps to award more Themed Pets, but also helps to prevent long draughts without winning. 

Screenshot 2018-03-22 at 8.35.08 PM

Prize Rollover Counter Example

Rollover Prizes: For the lesser prizes of the game, the amounts that you find from previous games roll over to future games. For example, as the picture shows in the previous round I found 2 Magical pie/Prismatic Philters so now if I find one more during my next play I will receive that prize! This feature helps to ensure that you can continue winning constant prizes over multiple games.

Bonus Scratches: Find two of a big prize but ran out of Scratches? Well, you can purchase a bonus and get 4 additional Scratches to find that third match! 

Prizes- There are different Prizes to be won throughout the years, sometimes they are themed pets other times dyes, trait disurpters, philters and more. We've done our best to figure out the prizes over the different fests.

Special Prizes- Some prizes can mean many things, so basically the prize changes when you scratch all three and it can be a random draw. There are three of these.

3 Visible & 2 Visible Themed Pets: There are normally a couple of themed pets that you can win, instead of scratching the themed pet you can scratch either 3 visible or 2 visible themed pets. If you scratch either then you'll get a random themed pet from the winnable ones (listed below) and depending on whether you scratched a 3 Vis or a 2 Vis that's the amount of traits you get for the pet.
Screenshot 2018-03-22 at 8.43.38 PM

Jackpot Counter Example


Previous Prizes Available

Year Prize Rarity Picture
2018 Trait Disruptor (Lucky Dust) Legendary
Rtd all species lucky dust
2018 Fortune Festival Avatar Item Rare
Reward avatar box
2018 Greater Genetic Mutator Rare
Philter greatergeneticmutator
2018 Magical Pie Rare
2018 Title Scroll: Lucky Leprechaun Rare
Reward title
2018 Philter of Trait Disruption (Themed) Rare
Reward trait disruptor
2018 Lucky Mutator Rare
Philter mutator lucky
2018 Greater Pet Dye Rare
Philter greaterpetdye
2018 Prismatic Philter Rare
Philter prismatic

Items AddedEdit

-Put link here to Fortune Fest Item page when Added-

Festival PetsEdit

Fortune Fest Pet Guide & Spotlight

  • Lucky Aurleon - Female
  • Lucky Bulbori - Male
  • Lucky Draeyl - Female
  • Lucky Faelora - Male
  • Lucky Kelpari - Female
  • Lucky Luffox - Male
  • Lucky Lunemara - Female
  • Lucky Morrko - Male
  • Lucky Nytekrie - Female
  • Lucky Qitari - Female
  • Lucky Sylvorpa - Male
  • Lucky Vulnyx - Male
  • Lucky Zolnixi - Female

Note: Lucky Nephini was created, but none were ever caught.