The Generator is a place where players can use essences to generate sylesties. There are 3 places in the generator: the actual generator, the list of species, and saved designs.


The GeneratorEdit

The generator has 21 different species, 2 different genders, 12 different color slots and 6 trait slots. At the bottom there are 3 options: Load Design By URL, Generate Pet, and Save Current Design. A player can load a design by copying a designs URL then pasting it into that box. A player can only generate a pet if he/she has submitted an essence and has not gone over the maximum trait points. Generating the pet will use up the essence. A player can save his/her current design on the generator. The maximum amount of Saved Designs can be increased by using AP (Advancement Points) or Diamonds


An essence can be loaded by clicking on the box above General Information. There, a player can choose an essence that he/she has, and load it into the generator. The essence determines the species of the generated pet.

General InformationEdit

There is a drop down slot which the player can change the species only if the player haven't submitted an essence. The player can also change the gender by clicking on the gender button.


At the bottom there is a color changer where one can change the color according to his/her liking. There are also two dice buttons above the color slots. The single dice button randomizes the color currently selected, and the quadrupled dice button randomizes all colors. The red button and the bottom resets all colors.

More InformationEdit

EC: Eye color, sometimes secondary color of traits

C1: Color 1, the main color of the body

C2: Color 2, the secondary color of the body, and the main color of the egg. Sometimes secondary color of traits

C3: Color 3, the third color of the body, and the secondary color of the egg. Sometimes secondary or third color of traits

G1: Gene Color 1, color of Gene 1 

G2: Gene Color 2, color of Gene 2

G3: Gene Color 3, color of Gene 3

A1: Accent Color 1, secondary or third color of gene

M1: Mutation Color 1, color of Mutation 1

M2: Mutation Color 2, color of Mutation 2

M3: Mutation Color 3, color of Mutation 3

A2: Accent Color 2, secondary or third color of mutation


There are two kinds of traits: genes and mutations. Each trait can be chosen as either visible or carried. If the trait is visible, then it will appear on the sylesti. If it is carried, then it may be carried onto its offspring. Each trait uses trait points. Visible traits use 2 trait points, while Carried traits use 1 trait point.

The List of SpeciesEdit

The List of Species displayed all the Sylesti Species known to Sylestia, with stats and in depth information.

Saved DesignsEdit

A player can save his/her current design on the generator, whether public or private. The maximum amount of Saved Designs can be increased by using AP (Advancement Points) or Diamonds. There are 3 tabs: Public Designs, My Designs, and My Favorites. Public Designs is where players can view all public designs, and can also load those designs by clicked it then clicking the 'Load Design to Generator' button at the bottom. My Designs is where the designs made by the player are shown, and My Favorites is where the player's favorite designs are displayed. Players are able to favorite designs by clicked on the star button on the side of each design.