Kelpari are a rare and powerful species of Sylesti that share a distant ancestor with the Qitari. Their name derives from their typical behavior of camouflaging themselves amongst kelp and seaweed. When compared to a Qitari, a Kelpari has very noticeable differences, such as the loss of their hind legs, multiple sets of fins, and a pair of wings that they use to glide through the air. However, the most striking physical difference is that instead of a mane full of hair, the Kelpari has a flowing mane of pure water. While the physics behind its watery mane remain a mystery, it is certainly a sight that all Sylestians should see.

Due to their unique anatomy, the Kelpari live almost exclusively in areas with shallow, fresh water, such as lakes, rivers, and ponds. However than can rarely be found far inland or out on the open ocean.


Kelparies are very timid creatures and will typically retreat to their source of water if approached. Occasionally, an adventurer will stumble upon an equally curious Kelpari, but this situation is fairly rare. Due to their seclusive nature, not much is known about their breeding habits or societal norms. Although, some simply believe that Kelparies are underwater nomads and do not live in the same area for long.


As with all non-fabled species, female Kelparies require 3 days to recover after producing an egg, and the eggs, as with all eggs, hatch within 2-3 days depending on how


Kelpari Egg

much they are nurtured.

Physical FeaturesEdit

Kelparies are most famous for their flowing mane of pure water. While magically enhanced, it is not known how exactly their mane forms or how it stays in place. Perhaps most interestingly, if one were to touch a Kelpari's mane, they would be surprised to realize that not a single drop of water would accumulate on their hand.

In addition to their mane, a Kelpari has very unique physical features. Their body is a combination of both a fish-like scaled tail portion and a hair covered body portion. Covering their entire body are multiple sets of fins. Some of these fins are used to reach very fast speeds while undersater, while other fins are used to help them glide through the air. They also have a pair of front legs and hooves to help them travel on land. It is thought that the Kelpari and Qitari shared a common ancestor many eons ago and that they branched into seperate species when the Qitari took preference of Sylestia's plains while the Kelpari took preference of its waterways.

In addition to their unique bodies, some Kelpari cover themselves in kelp, flowing water, or fog for camouflage. Other Kelpari have been seein with intricate armors decorated in colorful pearls and other precious materials. Lastly, but most often considered their most beautiful mutation, is that some Kelpari surround themselves with flowing water and glowing water lilies. While this mutation doesn't offer a physical advantage, it is thought that it may be used for camouflage or even for mating purposes.

Design Colors are shown in Green, Eye Color in Red, and Color 3 Effects in Blue. Pictures taken from Generator.

Gene Design SlotsEdit

Mutation Design slotsEdit

  • gd1 AA Tiger
  • gd1 BB Clownfish
  • gd1 CC Frog Spots
  • gd1 DD Glowfish
  • gd1 EE Splotched
  • gd1 FF Seaweed
  • gd1 GG Seahorse
  • gd1 HH Body Stripes
  • gd1 II Calico
  • gd1 JJ Leaf Veins
  • gd1 KK Cloud Runes
  • gd1 LL Leopard Seal
  • gd1 MM Dusky
  • gd1 OO Banded Sea Snake
  • gd1 PP Lionfish
  • gd1 QQ Tiger Shark
  • gd1 RR Bushbuck
  • gd1 SS Sweetips
  • gd2 AA Betta
  • gd2 BB Seahorse
  • gd2 CC Body Stripes
  • gd2 DD Calico
  • gd2 EE Monarch
  • gd2 FF Sunspots
  • gd2 GG Nebula
  • gd2 HH Moon Moth
  • gd2 II Speckles
  • gd3 AA Glowing Runes
  • gd3 BB Lucky Runes
  • gd3 CC Valentine's Lace (Restricted)
  • gd3 DD Deep Sea Runes
  • md1 AA Kelp Armor
  • md1 BB Pearl Armor
  • md1 CC Nightmare Spikes
  • md1 DD Ornate Armor
  • md1 EE Heavy Scaled Plating
  • md2 AA Splash Wings
  • md2 BB Central Fins
  • md2 CC Lionfish Fins
  • md2 DD Luminous Fins
  • md2 EE Heavy Scaled Plating
  • md3 AA Mystic Water
  • md3 BB Creeping Fog
  • md3 CC Bubbles
  • md3 DD Lucky Dust (Restricted)
  • md3 EE Mystic Horns
  • md3 FF Kelp Headdress
  • md3 GG Pearl Helm
  • md3 HH Ornate Helm
  • md3 II Heavy Scaled Skull
  • md3 JJ Long Flowing Mane
  • md3 KK Luminous Mane
  • md3 LL Sea Unicorn
  • md3 MM Glowing Water

Festival PetsEdit

Themed Pets are any species of pet within a certain color range, for a specific festival or event. They can have genes and mutations, but will always be different. Most themed pets show up during festivals, in the Festival Zone. These themed pets are listed alphabetically.

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