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Monthly Avatar Items January


Monthlyavatar february2013

Monthly Avatar Items February

Valentine's Ensemble Cherub Wings Valentine's Candy Wand
Rainbow Candy Wand Berry Candy Wand Black Cherry Candy Wand


Monthlyavatar march

Monthly Avatar Items March

Demon Hunter's Armor Demon Hunter's Hood Bladed Wings
Crimson Runeblade Elven Runeblade Frosted Runeblade
Shadowed Runeblade Steampunk's Outfit Mechanical Wings
Gold Mechanical Cane Silver Mecanical Cane Gothic Parasol
Pink Laced Parasol


Monthlyavatar april

April Monthly Avatar Items

Swashbuckler's Garments Swashbuckler's Hat Flame Jeweled Cutlass
Golden Jeweled Cutlass Royal Court Motley Motley's Hat
Baton of the Harlequin Baton of the Joker Eye Patch
Blue and Yellow Macaw Scarlet Macaw Sun Conure
Violet Masked Lovebird