Sanctuary of Saerielle is a town in the Umbra Forest and is written in purple. Inside there is a Quest Board, Plaza, Market, Town Hall, Barracks, and Armory.

Quest BoardEdit

Story Line QuestsEdit

Faerina's Shrine: Finding Saerielle


Finding Saerielle

Daily QuestsEdit

Level 25, Faerina's Shrine: Myconid Hunting
  • Myconid Hunting
  • A Preemptive Strike
  • Noble Deeds
  • Clearing the Tomb
  • Magical Resupply

Level 30, Enigmatic Grotto: A Preemptive Strike

Level 35, Garden of the Magnates: Noble Deeds

Level 40, Forgotten Tomb: Clearing the Tomb

Level 45, Aryth's Spire: Magical Resupply

Sylesti PlazaEdit

In the Sylesti Plaza, there is a Healer, Kayani the Herbalist, and a Trainer, Jaxie Juniper. Kayani will charges 1 Gold Per Health.

Jaxie will let the player to expand the party limit to 3 pets for 50,000 Gold and will expand mission limit. For five missions, 25,000 Gold. For 6 missions, 50,000 Gold. 


The Market sells:
Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 6.38.00 PM

Town HallEdit

The Town Hall sells:

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 8.18.56 PM

Armory Edit

The Armory currency are City Badges. It sells:

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 8.20.58 PM


Easy: 1 Hour    Medium: 2 Hours   Hard: 6 Hours   Very Hard: 12 Hours

Easy (Lv 25) Medium (Lv 35) Hard (Lv 45) Very Hard (Lv 50)
Health Tasting Myconids Patrolling the Shrine Patrolling the Grotto Patroling the Garden
Strength Firewood Five, Six, Pick up Sticks Clearing a Path Gravestones
Intelligence Sylesti Librarian Restoration Ancient Tomes Lost Lore
Dexerity A Forest Lookout Relocating Troll Traps Resoring Order
Agility Delivering Mail Cobwebs Cave in Rescue Change of Plans