Sweet Blossom Orchard is a zone in Astryl's Vale. It's Exploration Window is different from the two other regions.


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Zone ProgressionEdit

Find Farmer TarisEdit

King Roderick asks you to find Farmer Taris and help him.

Defeat Lunemaras x30Edit

Farmer Taris asks you to defeat 30 Lunemaras to drive them off.

Collect Saphryn Shadows x10Edit

Farmer Taris asks you to find 10 Saphryn Shadows to make a mixture to drive the Lunemaras off.

Fill Irrigation Pumps x6Edit

Farmer Taris asks you to put the mixture into the irrigation pumps.

Find Lunemara SourceEdit

After the Lunemara Swarm, Farmer Taris asks you to follow the Lunemara that flew west.

Defeat MyridaEdit

Defeat Myrida and her to Lunemaras.

Talk to MyridaEdit

Talk to Myrida to find out why she is sending the Lunemaras to the orchard.


Common EnemiesEdit

There are multiple Woodsman Tamers and Woodsman Savages and wild sylestis that can be caught in Sweet Blossom Orchard.


The boss of this zone is Myrida and her two Lunemaras, Sol and Luna.


There are also sub-bosses like  Deviant Channeler, Ruthless Tamer, Elryssa the Huntress, Daiman the Hunter, Barbaric Woodsman, Ruthless Savage, and Koralai.



Inventory items can be obtained from wooden crates and treasure chests or purchased from Allison Fairwind. Equipment items can be obtained by battling.


Avatar items can be obatianed by battling or purchased from the Fern Everglow


Farmer TarisEdit

Farmer Taris requests the player's help in driving off the Lunemaras in his orchard.

Fern EverglowEdit

Fern Everglow is a traveling merchant who sells Inventory items and avatar items.