NOTICE: This page is out-of-date. The generator and tutorial have been changed since this page was written. If you're having trouble, try asking in the FAQ forum!

What is the Sylesti Generator?

Dr. Felix: Welcome to my laboratory! Through the skills of both science and magic, I have devised a method of genetically engineering powerful Sylesties. In case you did not know, Sylesties are any of the creatures that roam our kingdom. In all, there are dozens of known species of Sylesties, and perhaps, many more that we have not yet discovered!

If you are going to explore the vast wilderness of Sylestia, you must not travel alone! It can be very dangerous out there. In fact, city guards will not even let Sylestians leave protected areas unless they are accompanied by a Sylesti!

How are Sylesties generated?

Dr. Felix: In order to generate a Sylesti, I must use that Sylesti's Essence. Essences can be found through various means while exploring. Sometimes, when a Sylesti is defeated, its Essence will be left behind allowing you to catch it. Additionally, you can obtain Essences from Shops or other players.

Once you have obtained a Sylesti Essence, simply bring it back to here and I will use it to generate that Sylesti for you. You can then customize the gender, designs, and colors of your Sylesti to your liking. Finally, you can choose a name for your Sylesti.

How do I take care of my Sylesties?

Dr. Felix: First of all, you must own a Stable. Stables are used to provide shelter for your pets and can house up to 25 pets. Lucky for you, I have arranged a Stable to be issued in your name. You can purchase additional Stables up to a maximum of eight.
You will also need to provide Food for your Sylesties. Food can be purchased in bulk while viewing your Stables. While food is provided, your pets will eat once a day. If you run out of food, your Sylesties will become hungry and Malnourished; unable to provide protection for you. Letting your pets starve can become extremely expensive, as they will require medical attention to treat their Malnourishment.

How exactly does a Sylesti protect me?

Dr. Felix: Sylesties are very powerful creatures. As an owner, it will be your responsibility to train your pets. Sylesties are capable of learning powerful combat techniques or mastering magical energies. Additionally, you can equip your pets with a wide range of relics, armors, and accessories to enhance their abilities in battle.