Themed pets are a special kind of sylesti that are obtained during festivals. They can be distinguished from regular sylesti by their color schemes, and often by a purple "tag" in the Genetics box on a pet's profile page (directly above the pet's traits). There are several ways to obtain themed pets: they can be caught in festival zones, created with special festival features, or sometimes earned as prizes for contests.

Tagged / Non-tagged ThemesEdit

Tag example

Image of a themed pet's "tag."

The term "tagged" pet is often used to refer to a first generation themed pet. Regardless of how a themed pet is obtained, a purple "tag" appears on the pet's profile page designating it as a member of a certain theme.

There are some themed pets that pre-date the tag system. These pets are from before the 2013 summer festival, when the tag system was implemented. These pets can still be recognized by their color schemes, although some of them display significant color swings.

Pre-tagged Themed Pets: Edit

  • 2013 Spring Blossom Faelora
  • 2013 Spring Peach Vulnyx
  • 2013 Stormy Draeyl
  • 2013 Pastel Aurleon
  • 2012 Reindeer Qitari (Later re-released with a tag)
  • 2013 Chocolate Bulbori
  • 2013 Clear Sky Lupora
  • 2013 Cotton Candy Morkko
  • 2013 Easter Bulbori
  • 2013 Marshmallow Nytekrie
  • 2013 Rose Petal Qitari
  • 2013 Springtime Zolnixi
  • 2013 Sunrise Sylvorpa
  • 2013 Valentine Bulbori (Later re-released with a tag)
2013 Chocolate Bulbori

Zone ThemedEdit

The term "zone themed" is used to refer to a themed pet that is caught in a festival zone. These pets are most often caught with 2 gene points - either 2 carried traits or 1 visible trait. Rarely, themed pets with 4 gene points, 6 gene points, and 8 gene points can also be found.

Zone themed pets are designated by a note in the Genetics section of a pet's profile page, reading This is a Tamed Sylesti directly above the pet's tag.

Exclusive ThemedEdit

The term "exclusive themed" is used to refer to a themed pet that is obtained outside of the festival zone. They can be created using unique festival features and obtained as prizes. Often, the number of visible traits is determined by items specific to the festival feature. Fabled themed pets are most often exclusive.

Exclusive themed pets are designated by a note in the Genetics section of a pet's profile page, reading This is an Exclusive Sylesti directly above the pet's tag.

Purebred OffspringEdit

Purebred offspring are pets that are completely descended from themed pets (of the same theme). They are often created and sold as products of breeding projects.

List of Themed PetsEdit

(See Winter Festival 2018 Themed Pets or Misc. Themed for more pets)


Angelfish Aeridini

Autumn Moon Aeridini

Azalea Petal Aeridini

Blazing Fireworks Aeridini

Blossoming Rose Aeridini

Blue Lotus Aeridini

Camllia Night Rider Aeridini

Cranberry Crisp Aeridini

Eventide Aeridini

Festival of Lights Aeridini

Flaming Soul Aeridini

Harvest Day Aeridini

Island Flower Aeridini

Naturegaurd Aeridini

Nightshade Aeridini

Ocean Sunset Aeridini

Passion Passiflora Aeridini

Patriotic Aeridini

Ponisetta Aeridini

Rain Cloud Aeridini

Royal Viola Aeridini

Spotted Woodpecker Aeridini

Spring Moon Aeridini

Tiger Lily Aeridini

Vampiric Aeridini

Winter Evergreen Aeridini


Auora Borealis Aurleon

Autumn Wind Aurleon

Blazing Fireworks Aurleon

Banana Pudding Aurleon

Blood Raven Aurleon

Blueberry Crumble Aurleon

Christmas Robin Aurleon

Driftwood Aurleon

Easter Sunrise Aurleon

Falling Leaves Aurleon

Festive Aurleon

Flamingo Aurleon

Ghostly Aurleon

Gobbling Aurleon

Halloween Aurleon

Hallows Aurleon

Happy Winds Aurleon

Holly Cardinal Aurleon

Humming Bird Aurleon

Hydrangea Bounqet Aurleon

King Fisher Aurleon

Loval Lover Aurleon

Lucky Aurleon

Mahi Mahi Aurleon

Nevermore Aurleon

New Chick Aurleon

New Soul Aurleon

Orange Canna Aurleon

Patriotic Aurleon

Pink Power Delphinium Aurleon

Racket-Tailed Roller Aurleon

Rainy Day Aurleon

Sea Breeze Aurleon

Snow Shadow Aurleon

Solar Eclipse Aurleon

Tempest Winds Aurleon

Thunderbird Aurleon

Tom the Turkey

Twilight Shimmer Aurleon

Tyrielle's Minion Aurleon

Vibrant Plumage Aurleon

Winter Aurleon

Zombified Aurleon

Bulbori Edit

Ashen fall Bulbori

Black Beauty Gladiolus Bulbori

Black Widow Bulbori

Blazing Fireworks Bulbori

Breaking Tulip Bulbori

Chocolate Candy Bulbori

Coconut Octopus Bulbor

Darling Dahlia Bulbori

Devious Bulbori

Ectoplasma Bulbori

Festive Bulbori

Flamboyant Cuttlefish Bulbori

Frosted Bulbori

Golden Heart Bulbori

Halloween Bulbori

Holiday Ornament Bulbori

Hot Tamale Rose Bulbori

Lost Soul Bulbori

Lucky Bulbori

Midnight Firefly Bulbori

Midnight Frost Bulbori

Mint Chocolate Chip Bulbori

Moonlight Chill Bulbori

Patriotic Bulbori

Peppermint Bark Bulbori

Permafrost Bulbori

Pumpkin Bread Bulbori

Sand Rabbit Bulbori

Seamist Sun Bulbori

Solar Eclipse Bulbori

Spring Dawn Bulbori

Starlight Embers Bulbori

Stuffing Bulbori

Sweet Tea Bulbori

Tyrielle's Minion Bulbori

Valentine Bulbori

White Chocolate Bulbori

Winter's Night Bulbori

Zombified Bulbori

Draeyl Edit

Autumn Forest Draeyl

Autumn Sunset Draeyl

Basking Snake Draeyl

Blazing Fireworks Draeyl

Chocolate Egg Draeyl

Christmas Pudding Draeyl

Cinnamon Candle Draeyl

Coal Ember Draeyl

Dayllily Draeyl

Ethereal Dryad Draeyl

Evergreen Draeyl

Fall Fairy Draeyl

Festive Draeyl

Forest Wanderer's Draeyl

Frosted Sugar Cookie Draeyl

Goblin Grove Draeyl

Halloween Draeyl

Juicy Peach Draeyl

Kong Coleus Draeyl

Lucky Draeyl

Marine Iguana Draeyl

Milk Chocolate Draeyl

Moon Rising Draeyl

Ornamental Draeyl

Parrot Tulip Draeyl

Patriotic Draeyl

Pumpkin Draeyl

Red Rose Draeyl

Red Wood Draeyl

Sand Castle Draeyl

Sea Monster Draeyl

Shimmering Shard Draeyl

Solar Eclipse Draeyl

Stormy Sea Draeyl

Sugar Plum Draeyl

Traveling Witch Draeyl

Tyrielle's Minion Draeyl

Vampire Crab Draeyl

Windy Dawn Draeyl

Withered Leaves Draeyl

Zombified Draeyl

Faelora Edit

Blazing Fireworks Faelora

Blue Crab Faelora

Cave dweller Faelora

Cerulean Faelora

Changing Seasons Faelora

Cherry Cheesecake Faelora

Delicate Bouquet Faelora

Dried Flower Faelora

Evergreen Faelora

Festive Faelora

Fire Eel Faelora

Floribunda Rose Faelora

Forest Fungi Faelora

Fun Time Gladiolus Faelora

Ghostly Chill Faelora

Ghostly Revenant Faelora

Gilded Wreath Faelora

Grapevine Faelora

Halloween Faelora

Haunted Woods Faelora

Lucky Faelora

Morning Glory Faelora

Night terror Faelora

Ocean's Blessing Faelora

Patriotic Faelora

Peppermint Bark Faelora

Poinsettia Faelora

Poison Flower Faelora

Reindeer Faelora

Rose Champagne Faelora

Snowy Night Faelora

Solar Eclipse Faelora

Spring Passion Faelora

Sweet Pumpkin Faelora

Tyrielle's Minion Faelora

Wildebrim Host Faelora

Wilted Faelora

Zombified Faelora

Ferrikki Edit

Cheeky Chestnut Ferrikki

Easter Sunrise Ferrikki

Enchanted Explorer Ferrikki

Forest Caller Ferrikki

Grove Forager Ferrikki

Heart's Desire Ferrikki

Shrouded Fortune Ferrikki

Stormy Moss Ferrikki

Woodland Sprite Ferrikki

Griffi Edit

Arctic Storm Griffi

Autumn Wind Griffi

Blazing Fireworks Griffi

Blue Hermit Griffi

Blueberry Crumble Griffi

Candied Griffi

Caramelized Apple Griffi

Carnival iris Griffi

Charming Chocolate Griffi

Cherry Cheesecake Griffi

Coal Griffi

Crystallized Griffi

Divine Pomegranate Griffi

Ember Peacock Griffi

Festive Griffi

Galactic Griffi

Golden Clover Griffi

Guardian Angel Griffi

Harvest Day Griffi

Imperial Peacock Griffi

Korean Fire Camellia Griffi

Majestic Peacock Griffi

Night Crystal Griffi

Patriotic Griffi

Pink Gladiolus Griffi

Redwood Griffi

Reindeer Griffi

Sea Dragon Griffi

Silver Bells Griffi

Sleigh Bells Griffi

Star-crossed Griffi

Sun Deity Griffi

Thunderstorm Griffi

Tyrielle's Minion Griffi

Vampiric Griffi

Winter Pine Griffi

Winter Shadow Griffi

Kelpari Edit

Blazing Firework Kelpari

Blue Hydrangea Kelpari

Blue Lagoon Kelpari

Budding Kelpari

Butterfly Fairy Kelpari

Carnival Iris Kelpari

Chocolate Fudge Kelpari

Daisy Kelpari

Deviant Deluge Kelpari

Ectoplasmic Kelpari

Enchanted Water Kelpari

Festive Kelpari

Fiery Luck Kelpari

Frozen Lake Kelpari

Gilded Forest Kelpari

Halloween Kelpari

Harvest Moon Kelpari

Ice Fairy Kelpari

Ice Forest Kelpari

Loch Ness Kelpari

Log Fire Kelpari

Lovely Kelpari

Lucky Kelpari

Luminous Lotus Kelpari

Mandarin Fish Kelpari

Mossy Kelpari

Ocean Waves Kelpari

Parrot Fish Kelpari

Patriotic Kelpari

Peanut Brittle Kelpari

Peppermint Twist Kelpari

Phantom Shallows Kelpari

Piranha Kelpari

Plum Pudding Kelpari

Reaper Kelpari

Shimmering Sea Kelpari

Solar Eclipse Kelpari

Summer Shimmer Kelpari

Summer Stars Kelpari

Sunken Cemetery Kelpari

Sunset Kelpari

Tranquil Waters Kelpari

Tyrielle's Minion Kelpari

Zombified Kelpari

Lighira Edit

Ancestral Deity Lighira

Blazing Fireworks Lighira

Burgundy Petunia Lighira

Celestial Lights Lighira

Cherry Cordial Lighira

Chocolate Fudge Lighira

Coconut Mocha Lighira

Fire Lily Lighira

Flaming Parrot Tulip Lighira

Ghostly Hallows Lighira

Gingerbread Cookie Lighira

Halloween Night Lighira

Harvest Day Lighira

Haunted Hallows Lighira

Leprechaun Lighira

Life's Breath Lighira

Lion Scallop Lighira

Midnight Rose Lighira

Patriotic Lighira

Raspberry Lemonade Lighira

Seren Shores Lighira

Solar Eclipse Lighira

Spring Sky Lighira

Starry Night Lighira

Storm Gaurdian Lighira

Tidepool Lighira

Winter Morning Lighira

Winter Pine Lighira

Luffox Edit

Agouti Rabbit Luffox

Arctic Foo Dog Luffox

Aster Luffox

Banana Pudding Luffox

Banshee Luffox

Berry Blast Luffox

Black Cat Luffox

Blazing Fireworks Luffox

Blue Heaven Hydrangea Luffox

Blue Steel Bunny Luffox

Calico Scallop Luffox

Cream Rabbit Luffox

Darling Daylily Luffox

Demon Luffox

Dutch Rabbit Luffox

Easter Egg Bunny Luffox

Emperor Luffox

Festive Luffox

Foo Dog Luffox

Frigid Morning Luffox

Frosted Kitsune Luffox

Frosted Pinecone Luffox

Frosted Plum Luffox

Frosted Sugar Cookie Luffox

Halloween Luffox

Jungle Vine Luffox

Laughing Stream Luffox

Leaf Chaser Luffox

Lucky Luffox

Maple Luffox

Midnight Oasis Luffox

Moonlight Luffox

Night Flower Luffox

Patriotic Luffox

Puddle Jumper Luffox

Pumpkin Juice Luffox

Rosebud Luffox

Rouge Bunny Luffox

Ruby Orchid Luffox

Saskatoon Berry Luffox

Solar Eclipse Luffox

Stormy Heart Luffox

Summer Love Luffox

Sweet Kiss Luffox

Sweet Treat Luffox

Tyrielle's Minion Luffox

White Feather Hosta Luffox

White Sands Luffox

Windchaser Luffox

Winter Coat Luffox

Withered Leaf Luffox

Woodland Luffox

Zombified Luffox

Lunemara Edit

Anthias Lunemara

Autumn Night Lunemara

Blazing Fireforks Lunemara

Bottled Moonlight Lunemara

Candlelit Lunemara

Canna Annjee Lunemara

Chocolate Orange Lunemara

Early Bloom Lunemara

Fairy Lights Lunemara

Festive Lunemara

Forest Spring Lunemara

Ghostly Lights Lunemara

Gladiolus Lunemara

Halloween Lunemara

Harvest Embers Lunemara

Honey Bee Lunemara

Ladybug Lunemara

Liberty Hosta Lunemara

Lucky Lunemara

Maple Syrup Lunemara

Moon's Light Lunemara

Moonlit Sea Lunemara

Night Sky Lunemara

Orange Cake Lunemara

Patriotic Lunemara

Plumberry Cobbler Lunemara

Raspberry Chocolate Lunemara

Rosenmunnar Cookie Lunemara

Sacred Scarab Lunemara

Slawa Tulip Lunemara

Solar Eclipse Lunemara

Summer Sunrise Lunemara

Sunbeam Lunemara

Sunset Chrysanthamum Lunemara

Thunder Moon Lunemara

Tiger Swallowtail Lunemara

Toxic Cloud Lunemara

Tree Dryad Lunemara

Tyrielle's Minion Lunemara

Wandering Willow Lunemara

Wildflower Lunemara

Will O' Whisp Lunemara

Wilted Willow Lunemara

Woodland Lunemara

Yuletide Lunemara

Zombified Lunemara

Lupora Edit

Autumn Chrysanthemum Lupora

Autumn Sunset Lupora

Black Velvet Petunia Lupora

Blazing Fireworks Lupora

Blood Moon Lupora

Broken Heart Lupora

Chocolate Paws Lupora

Dire Frost Lupora

Fallen tree Lupora

Festive Lupora

Forest Guardian Lupora

Frosted Pine Lupora

Full Moon Lupora

Ghastly Lupora

Golden Foil Lupora

Halloween Lupora

Howling Moon Lupora

Ice Pop Lupora

Lucky Lupora

Majestic koi Lupora

Midsummer Evening Lupora

Moon Stalker Lupora

Night Guardian Lupora

Orange Cake Lupora

Patriotic Lupora

Pecan Pie Lupora

Red Dahlia Lupora

Ruby Wood Lupora

Seashell Lupora

Snowy Lupora

Solar Eclipse Lupora

Spellfall Lupora

Spring Tempest Lupora

Thorny Starfish Lupora

Tiger Lily Lupora

Tree Moss lupora

Tyrielle's Minion Lupora

Vibrant Coleus Lupora

Winter's Chill Lupora

Winter's Night Lupora

Witching Hour Lupora

Wood Satyr Lupora

Zombified Lupora

Morkko Edit


April Showers Morkko

Autumn Storm Morkko

Black Fairy Morkko

Black Orchid Morkko

Blackberry Morkko

Blazing Fireworks Morkko

Elegant Lily Morkko

Emperor Butterfly Morkko

Emperor's Fortune Morkko

Fall Frost Morkko

Festive Morkko

Forest Guardian Morkko

Forest Wisp Morkko

Forsaken Guardian Morkko

Fruitcake Morkko

Ghost Fire Morkko

Grove Warden Morkko

Halloween Morkko

Harlequin Crab Morkko

Impish Morkko

Late Spring Morkko

Lotus Flower Morkko

Nephini Edit

Angelic Nephini

Aurora Nephini

Autumn Fire Nephini

Autumn Leaves Nephini

Black Magic Nephini

Black Swallowtail Nephini

Blazing Fireworks Nephini

Blooming Iris Nephini

Catatumbo Lightning Nephini

Charred leaf Nephini

Chocolate Cream Pie Nephini

Chocolae Surprise Nephini

Cinnamon Eggnog Nephini

Cool Breeze Nephini

Cranberry Delight Nephini

Daffodil Nephini

Eventide Beach Nephini

Fairy Wrasse Nephini

Festive Nephini

Flint Corn Nephini

Gingerbread Cookie Nephini

Halloween Nephini

Harvest Day Nephini

Harvest Fairy Nephini

Heart's Blood Nephini

Horned Owl Nephini

Lazy Days Nephini

Lightbringer Nephini

Lily Pad Nephini

Lucky Nephini

Luminous Pimpernel Nephini

Maui Punch Canna Nephini

Midnight Misfortune Nephini

Patriotic Nephini

Peppermint Twist Nephini

River Nymph Nephini

Rose Bouquet Nephini

Serapth Nephini

Solar Eclipse Nephini

Spring Glow Nephini

Star Gazer Nephini

Strelitzia Nicolai Nephini

Sweat Pea Nephini

Tranquil Sunset Nephini

Twilight Grove Nephini

Twilight Nephini

Tyrielle's Minion Nephini

Underground Lava Nephini

Whispering Wind Nephini

White Flame Gazania Nephini

Winter Magic Nephini

Winter Timber Nephini

Zombified Nephini

Ny'vene Edit

Aurora Ny'vene

Autumn Foliage Ny'vene

Blazing Fireworks Ny'vene

Blue Tang Ny'vene

Blueberry Crumble Ny'vene

Celtic Guardian Ny'vene

Clown Crab Ny'vene

Cosmic Ny'vene

Demonic Ny'vene

Devious Delight Ny'vene

Forsaken Guardian Ny'vene

Frog Song Ny'vene

Galaxy Orchid Ny'vene

Harvest day Ny'vene

Haunting Moon Ny'vene

Imperial Dragon Ny'vene

Krampus Ny'vene

Lightning Struck Ny'vene

Magical Infusion Ny'vene

Nani Plumeria Ny'vene

Nature's Guardian Ny'vene

Nether Frost Ny'vene

Patriotic Ny'vene

Solar Eclipse Ny'vene

Spectral Ny'vene

Strawberry Nougat Ny'vene

Tropical Blossom Ny'vene

Widow's Tear Spiderwort Ny'vene

Winter Terror Ny'vene

Nytekrie Edit

Banshee Nytekrie

Barn Owl Nytekrie

Black Fairy Nytekrie

Blazing Fireworks Nytekrie