Festival Dates




2014 February 10thth at 12:00am February 16th at 11:59pm
Extended until:
February 19th at 11:59pm

The Week of Love Festival, otherwise known as Love Fest or LF, is a reoccurring annual Event.

Week of Love Festival OverviewEdit

2014 brought around the creation of the Week of Love Festival Overview Page, based on the previous Winter Festival Overview page. This allowed users quick access to the Lovefest features during the time.

Features - 2014Edit

Wheel of LoveEdit

Description:Edit a page anymore

Try your luck by spinning the Wheel of Love! You can find [Wheel of Love Ticket] by participating in Forum Games or by exploring the Festival Zone. You can also purchase tickets directly from the Diamond Shop or Holiday Shop.

Prizes include all sorts of goodies, with the best prize being one of seven unique, Double or Triple Visible Themed Pets! View the Wheel of Love link above to see all of the designs.


Also jokingly known as the "Wheel of Hate"(Much like the previous Winterfest's wheel) among the users for being a "Visual Tease". Upon submitting a ticket to the wheel, whatever item that was won would immediately appear in your inventory but the wheel would spin around until It hit the mark as per visual appeal. For laggy computers, it might seem to stop on something such as the much sought after double and triple vis pets, and then suddenly skip to the valentines, giving it the joked nickname because of the "False Hopes".

Tickets could be bought from the Holiday Shop, earned through the Esior's Fields event area by defeating the Queen of Hearts during the dynamic events, randomly taken from defeated Jealous Bandits, and found in "Lovely Treasure" in the event area.

Possible Payouts:Edit

Lesser Pet Dye
Epic 2013 Week of Love Avatar Item
Legendary Week of Love Avatar Item
Enhanced Essence
Rare Week of Love Avatar Item
Valentine x25
Regular Essence
Epic Week of Love Avatar Item
Legendary 2013 Week of Love Avatar Item
Lesser Genetic Mutator
Double Visible Fabled Holiday Pet
Triple Visible Fabled Holiday Pet

Love Page Description

This is the Wheel of Love! Use a [Wheel of Love Ticket] to spin the wheel and test your luck!

Many great prizes await you, including unique Triple Visible Themed Pets! This includes the following species: Ny'vene, Lighira, Nephini, Ryori, Griffi, Puffadore, and Luffox.


Devious Delight Ny'vene


Cherry Cordial Lighira


Rose Bouquet Nephini


Mysterious Love Ryori


Star-crossed Griffi


Chocolate Cherry Puffadore


Sweet Kiss Luffox

Esior's Fields Week of Love Festival ZoneEdit


Week of Love 2014 Area Map

This zone is recommended for players using pets of Level 10 and above!

The above will take you to the Festival Zone for the Week of Love. Please note, if you are exploring another zone in Astryl's Vale, you will have to exit the zone first. If you are in a battle, you will have to finish your battle first.

While exploring the zone, you will have the opportunity to find Lovely Treasure with a change for unique rewards. This zone is also the only place to find the wild Themed Pets for the Week of Love.

Once the Avatar Items are available in game, there will also be a Dynamic Event available where you can band together with other players to save the Week of Love!

If you are looking to find Themed Pets, Wheel of Love Tickets, or Valentines - this is the place you want be!


Using the Arrow Nagivation system in the more recent Map Exploring system a player could move around the Festival Zone. There is 1 "Named" that can be encountered, the Queen of Hearts.

New SpeciesEdit

Luffox - 2014Edit

Items AddedEdit

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Festival PetsEdit

Week of Love Pet Guide & Spotlight

  • Loyal Lover Aurleon
  • Valentine Bulbori
  • Milk Chocolate Draeyl
  • Rose Champagne Faelora
  • Lovely Kelpari
  • Stormy Heart Luffox
  • Raspberry Chocolate Lunemara
  • Broken Heart Lupora
  • Roman Nougat Morkko
  • Sweet Pea Nephini
  • Chocolate Strawberry Nytekrie
  • Sweet Heart Qitari
  • Chocolate Swirl Sylvorpa
  • Purple Passion Vulnyx
  • Hidden Heart Zolnixi