Previous Festival Dates


Beginning Date

End Date

2013 December 17th at 12:00am Originally: January 5th at 11:59pm
Extended until:
January 8th at 11:59pm
2014 December 17th at 12:00am January 4th at 11:59pm
2015 December 23rd at 12:00pm January 11th at 11:59pm
2016 December 23rd at 12:00pm January 22nd at 11:59pm
2017 December 22nd at 12:00pm January 28th at 11:59pm

Winter Fest, otherwise known as Winter Festival or WF, is a reoccuring annual Event.

Winter Festival OverviewEdit

2013 brought around the creation of the Winter Festival Overview Page. At the time it was called the Winter Festival Bulletin but was changed to Winter Festival Overview. This allowed users quick access to the winterfest features during the time.

We have created a new page that will serve as a Winter Festival Overview. You can visit this page at any time to have access to the various festivities related to the Winter Festival. You can quickly access this page by clicking the Calendar icon next to your Username on any page.

Features - 2013-2017Edit

Winter Festival Advent CalanderEdit

Everyday up to and including Christmas Day, there will be a new prize available from the Winter Festival Advent Calendar. Be sure to claim your reward each and every day! If you miss a day, you will miss out on that day's reward.


The day that it started has changed over the years but always ends on the 25th. A prize from the advent calander could be collected on these days. All a user had to do was visit the page and click on the appropriate day on the calander to claim the prize.

Payout vs Day-2013
17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Wrapped Gift 20 Frost Tokens Candy Cane Staves Set Wheel of Festive Cheer Ticket Peppermint Staff Snowflake Wand Snowflake Wings Magical Pie Title: The Jolly

Holiday CarolingEdit

Due to the popularity of the Fall Festival's Trick or Treating, we have decided to create a similar activity for the Winter Festival: Holiday Caroling! Since this time of year is all about giving to others, Holiday Caroling is a much similar game. Simply visit your friendly neighbors and either give them a gift ([Wrapped Gift]) or sing them a carol. The host can then either give you a gift or simply thank you. Either way, both you and the host will receive Cheer Points for the 'transaction'. You can visit a player once every day and the cooldown resets at midnight.

-Earn Title: Season's Greeter from Hosting 500 times.
-Earn Title: Holiday Caroler from Visiting 500 times.
-Earn Title: The Kind-Hearted for giving a Wrapped Gift.
-Every 50 Cheer Points earns you a [Frost Token].
-Receive Winter Festival Avatar Items, [Wheel of Festive Cheer Ticket], [Lesser Genetic Mutator], [Lesser Pet Dye], [Standard Genetic Test Kit], [Standard Genetic Scanner], [Frost Token], or Lesser Philters from [Wrapped Gift].
-Earn Bonus [Wheel of Festive Cheer Ticket] for being on the Top 20 Leaderboard at the end of the festival.
-Earn the Title: Renowned Caroler for being on the Top 40 Leaderboard at the end of the festival.


Players could visit their friends or other people on site via navigating the arrows or inputting the person's ID into the address at the top of the carroling page. A common contribution among users to the game was to do "Present Swaps", swapping presents earned through the Advent calander, defeating "Named" in the Esior's field's festival area or from buying through the Diamond shop. "Double Swapping" was not unheard of if both participants hadn't visited one on another on that specified day. It garenteed that if you gave a gift, you got something back.

Wheel of Festive CheerEdit


Try your luck by spinning the Wheel of Festive Cheer! You can find [Wheel of Festive Cheer Ticket] throughout Sylestia during the Winter Festival. You can also purchase tickets directly from the Diamond Shop.

Prizes include all sorts of goodies, with the best prize being one of six unique, Triple Visible Holiday Pets! View the Wheel of Festive Cheer link above to see all six designs.


Also Jokingly known as the "Wheel of Festive Tears" among the users for being a "Visual Tease". Upon submitting a ticket to the wheel, whatever item that was won would imediately appear in your inventory but the wheel would spin around until It hit the mark. For laggy computers it might seem to stop on one of the more wanted goodies and then suddenly skip to something not as wanted such as the Genetic Scanners slot, giving it the joked nickname because of the "False Hopes".

Tickets could be bought from the Holiday Shop, Earned through the Esior's Fields event area by defeating "Named", found in "Mysterious Gifts" in the event area, and gained from Wrapped gifts in the caroling game.

Possible Payouts:Edit

Lesser Pet Dye
Standard Genetic Scanner x3
Legendary Winter Festival Avatar Item
Enhanced Essence
Rare Winter Festival Avatar Item
Frost Token x10
Regular Essence
Wrapped Gift x2
Epic Festival Avatar Item
Standard Genetic Test Kit
Lesser Genetic Mutator
Triple Visible Fabled Holiday Pet

Cheer Page Description

Wheel of Festive Cheer This is the Wheel of Festive Cheer! Use a [Wheel of Festive Cheer Ticket] to spin the wheel and test your luck!

Many great prizes await you, including unique Triple Visible Fabled Holiday Pets! This includes the following species: Ny'vene, Lighira, Nephini, Ryori, Griffi, and Puffadore. Examples of the Holiday Pets You Could Win:


Nether Frost Ny'vene


Chocolate Fudge Lighira


Peppermint Twist Nephini


Aurora Borealis Ryori


Reindeer Griffi


Chilly Paws Puffadore

Gingerbread House Edit

Description: Edit

The object of this contest is to build a Gingerbread House using edible materials! Your Gingerbread House must be built by using any type of food. You are not required to use gingerbread. You are free to use crackers, other types of bread, etc. However, you must use real food in this contest! The small use of non food items (like toothpicks) are allowed to improve the structural integrity of your submission. They must be used sparingly though and it must be obvious that your submission is made of actual edible materials. 

Previous Winners Edit

Esior's Fields Winter Festival ZoneEdit

*You should only explore this Zone if your Pets are at least Level 10
The zone changes throughout each new Winter fest. In the zone you can explore, encounter themed/tagged pets, special bosses, and find Avatar items from those bosses. The Zone also has an event that happens every few hours or so.


Using the Arrow Nagivation system in the more recent Map Exploring system a player could move around the Festival Zone. There are 10 "Named" that can be encountered. Dark Spectre and Galynda Hoardfrost were the very first available. Fjord Icewall, Elysia Snowfall, Kelvyn Din'Adun and Morgana Felchill were added later.

The 8th and 9ths, Tyrielle the Ice Queen and her Guardians, were added as part of a series of mini events/tasks in the Esior's fields Festival area. The first task required the players to work as a spread unit looking for reindeer to later turn them into Mother Frost, the 10th Named in the area. The second had them battling Ice Queen Bandits and the 3rd was to defeat the Ice Queen. Participation was noted and the amount of participation granted an amount of gold for their services.

  • Galynda Hoarfrost
  • Dark Spectre
  • Fjord Icewall
  • Kelvyn Din'ADun
  • Morgana Felchill
  • Mother Frost
  • Tyrielle, the Ice Queen
  • Tyrielle's Guardian
  • Rescued Reindeer
  • Elysia Snowfall

New SpeciesEdit

Griffi - 2013Edit

Items AddedEdit

-Put link here to Winter Fest Item page when Added-

Festive PetsEdit

Winter Festival Pet thread

  • Winter Aurleon
  • Frosted Bulbori
  • Coal Ember Draeyl
  • Poinsettia Faelora
  • Arctic Storm Griffi
  • Frozen Lake Kelpari
  • Candlelit Lunemara
  • Winter's Chill Lupora
  • Abominable Morkko
  • Aurora Nephini
  • Blizzard Nytekrie
  • Reindeer Qitari
  • Emperor Sylvorpa
  • Silent Night Vulnyx
  • Hot Chocolate Zolnixi
  • Festive Aurleon
  • Festive Bulbori
  • Festive Draeyl
  • Festive Faelora
  • Festive Griffi
  • Festive Kelpari
  • Festive Lunemara
  • Festive Lupora
  • Festive Morkko
  • Festive Nytekrie
  • Festive Qitari
  • Festive Sylvorpa
  • Festive Vulnyx
  • Festive Zolnixi
Note: Festive Nephini was created, but none were ever caught.